Section 133C


Power to call for information by prescribed income-tax authority.

133C. 49[(1)] The prescribed income-tax authority50 may, for the purposes of verification of information in its possession relating to any person, issue a notice to such person requiring him, on or before a date to be specified therein, to furnish information or documents verified in the manner specified therein, which may be useful for, or relevant to, any inquiry or proceeding under this Act.

51[(2) Where any information or document has been received in response to a notice issued under sub-section (1), the prescribed income-tax authority may process such information or document and make available the outcome of such processing to the Assessing Officer.]

52[(3) The Board may make a scheme for centralised issuance of notice and for processing of information or documents and making available the outcome of the processing to the Assessing Officer.]

Explanation.—In this section, the term "proceeding" shall have the meaning assigned to it in clause (b) of the Explanation to section 133A.